Hi. I'm Jakob.

I was born near the Baltic Sea BalticSeaForest and raised in rural Bavaria. Growing up my life happened mostly outdoors: strolling through the woods, building snow caves and helping mum in the garden.

In elementary school I started to focus on athletics and music. Later in High School I studied Oboe at the University of Music in Würzburg and spent the certainly greatest time of my life playing in several youth Orchestras (e.g German National Youth Orchestra). I will never forget performing Richard Strauss: “Also Sprach Zarathustra” together with 104 fellows and a giant organ. Pure Joy!

I've also duck deep into a few very random topics. For example: (swiss) rail infrastructure planning or ski resort maps. Why? I don’t know - i loved it.

After graduating high school and deciding against a professional career in classical music I helped creating contemporary Art Installations in Switzerland, cooked on a mountain hut in the Italian Dolomites, traveled and interned.

Updates about current / future projects can be found on my Blog.