Fri Sep 04 2020

View over the harbor and St. Markus Square.

Wed Aug 26 2020

Launched the Website today. If time allows i will implement the following in the next few months: dark mode, full reader view support in safari, German version and a RSS feed.

Sat Aug 22 2020

Updated the Link section. Especially resourcfull in the last weeks has been the Blog of Bill Gates.

Die WU Wien warb heute in einem Newsletter daf├╝r "Online Auslandserfahrung" zu sammeln. Ohne weitere Worte.

Sun Aug 16 2020

Rome. rome rome sh sh While enjoying this city as much as ever when visiting this summer there was one special thought that is one thought i could not get out of my head. Why are all those mangnificent (particularily antique) buildings left as dead attractions and not used in daily life.

I can not stop imageining how wounderful it would be to see a concert in the colloseum, go to a library under the collar of the Forum Romanum or take a bath in one of the old thermen.

Wed Aug 12 2020

Aphorism by Nassim Taleb: "You know its a fraud: not by looking at the merchant, but just by looking at the customers." Probably the best travel advice out there.

Magic Evening in Massa Lubrense today.

Tue Aug 11 2020

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who acutally do! Thanks!

Explorative learning is the most natural form. Therefore certainly not optimized in a platonic way but perfected stability wise.

First Entry!